Explore, travel, discover,
see what others see

There is a platform that lets you be limitless and travel for a moment, to anywhere somebody else is present.

Real-time access to anything you want to see or know

May you be a surfer wondering about the waves at your favourite beach, a group of friends wanting to know if a bar is full and rocking, or a tourist searching what was suggested on your tourist guide.

Search and connect to someone who can share that moment with you

Our platform gives you the possibility of visiting, within seconds, any location another there user is located at. That user then video-streams his surroundings directly to you. We call this sharing a moment!

A window into the world

Browse our map, see who's around and connect with them to get real-time video in an easy and intuitive way.

Choose what you want to see

Search locations close by, access your favourite places, get some suggestions, or see what are the most popular spots. It's up to you…

Find other there users or webcams

See who else is active and around that location. Each coloured dot on the map is a window to the world!

Enjoy the moment

Fullscreen the video you're receiving, point at what you want to be filmed and rate how good it was. You can even chat with who's on the other side.

Do you mean business?

If you're a bar, restaurant, surf school or any other kind of business and you want to give people a more immersive way to discover your venue, our platform allows you to stand out.

Search. Connect. Immerse.

Imagination is your limit. Explore the there world and immerse yourself.
At there, we envision a truly connected world !

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